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Welcome To Hou’s Caking

Welcome to a dream six years in the making.  Hou’s Caking had been in my mind, my heart, my soul and now my computer.  I can’t believe I finally did the thing that’s been chasing me in my sleep for years!  I love baking and I love sharing my passion with other people.

ChefKimihouTeaching is my first love and honestly, something I was born to do.  If I’m not in the kitchen cooking, I’m probably teaching new entrepreneurs how to get started.

I’d be lying if I said I woke up one morning and decided to do this.  That’s nowhere near the truth.  My grandmother and mother both did a lot of baking during my childhood so this probably started with them.  I had the pleasure of attending Le Cordon Bleu and graduating with honors as a certified pastry chef.

For years I have been a Custom Cake, cookie and cupcake artist in the metro Atlanta area.  The launch of Hou’s Caking is bringing forth my real passion.  The introduction to the Adonai Kids Baking Academy!

While the academy is still a work in progress I could no longer wait to share my gift with the world.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!  You can join me for in-person kids classes at The Ultimate Sugar  Show!

Welcome to Hou’s Caking! 

The entire month of September will be full of magic, wonder, and UNICORNS!

On this week’s pilot episode join Chef Kimihou as she makes pink and purple unicorn cupcakes

Supply List:

Vanilla Cake Mix, Baking Cups, Pink Gel ColorPurple Get ColorWilton White Fondant

Gold Luster Dust, Tooth Picks, Water or Piping Gel,  Sprinkles, Cupcake Pan, Leaf Cutters


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